Brian Fair, Youth Leader of Counce United Pentecostal Church

The youth are the future of our church, and I believe this next generation must be trained, mentored, and taught the principles of the Kingdom.

At Counce UPC we offer many opportunities for our young people to get involved.  Once a month on Sunday nights, our youth group leads the service.  On Wednesday nights, we offer classes that range from age 2 all the way through age 18.

We offer several ministries that our young people can be involved in including sign language teams, youth choir, fundraising activities, among others.  We also believe in our youth bonding together as we have gym night as well as special outings such as 4th of July celebration with party jumpers and out of school celebration at the Jackson Generals baseball game.

Other highlights of our youth are when they perform programs during Christmas and Easter which ministers to our church congregation and The Lord.

Above all that is mentioned above, my purpose as the leader of the youth is to teach and demonstrate the teachings and works of God.  It is my desire to see this next generation prosper in the blessings and works of God if they will allow Him to.

I encourage parents to get their children involved in our church community.  If you are a young person, come out and join our youth group and be blessed by God!